Up and Out in Grand Rapids:
The hub which was the community fitness center in GR has transitioned into several smaller community programs. They have developed because of our time on Eastern Avenue. Up and Out is actively helping former members of the gym create their own programs for the kids in their neighborhoods. Kevin Rigg is in regular contact with these other programs and provides advice, direction, and resources.
A couple recent examples:

  • A former member named Johnny opened a car wash detailing business with a small weight room in the back so that he could not only employ teens but also use the weights to mentor them as well.
  • Two former members got an old building and are creating a restaurant with a large room in the back and would like to host the Up and Out dance program there.
  • Another member is using Mary Kay to engage some of the mothers and teach girls about personal care.
  • Birthdays and Christmas: Happy memories are important to Up and Out. Making sure the children of our members celebrate happy times with gifts is a big job. Many of our members help with this outreach.

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​Riding For Christ

Our Mission:

The greatest commandment is to Love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, our minds, our souls, and our strengths.  Up and Out has one goal: To lead the hearts, the minds, the souls, and the strengths of all who are involved into a relationship with the Lord our God so that these hearts can be full, the minds pure, the souls made strong, and the strengths directed!

Up and Out in Mears:

For years Up and Out has dreamed of having a facility that would allow children to experience horses all throughout the year, rain or snow. The ongoing construction of the new indoor riding arena in Mears, MI is the fruition of this dream.

The Program Today:

  • Session Program - One on One horse experiences that may include brushing, training, riding or just hanging out with horses
  • Mini-Retreats - Sleepover at the bunkhouse!
  • Outings - Anything from horse events to movie nights

Up and Out's horse farm is a great place to learn about and enjoy God's creation and create lasting memories.