In 2010 Up and Out opened a community center in Grand Rapids, MI where all came together to share their talents through dance, weight lifting, boxing and MMA.

Since 1995, Up and Out has provided horse experiences for children at the ranch in New Era, the inner-cities of Grand Rapids and Muskegon Heights, and now at the Up and Out Youth Ranch in Mears, MI.

​Community Center

In 1987, Up and Out started in the old American Laundry Building on Division St in Grand Rapids, MI. It consisted of two basketball hoops, some weights, a pool table and Kevin Rigg. Christened God's Garage, this youth center was a place Kevin met and mentored many kids and their families. Today, many of the original members of God's Garage are still involved with Up and Out Ministries.

God's Garage

Up And Out Ministries


Up and Out Ministries