It was just another day on the farm; we were headed down to the barn to start chores when we noticed something was different. Our horses were on edge and when we looked closer we saw a stranger! There was a gorgeous and very well fed bay mare standing in the back of our herd. We had been praying for another big strong horse to add to our program and voila here she was! We called around and found that she was our neighbor’s horse. They told us she was very unhappy with them because she only had beef cows for company and would chase them through the field out of boredom. So long story short, Chubby is now one of our safest kid horses and the grandma of our herd. She has carried thousands of kids to happier days and has received thousands of hugs in return.   

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Up and Out supports fifteen to twenty horses. Many of our horses came from wonderful homes, and several others from rescue situations. There are countless benefits to spending time with horses. Riders increase in balance, coordination and self-confidence while improving posture, strength, and flexibility. Responsibility and a sense of accomplishment are developed as kids learn to care for horses and equipment. Horses make great friends and teach kids to love and respect animals. Through these relationships, Up and Out is able to share the love of Christ with each child who comes.