Want to try Vaulting?

​Vaulting is one of our activity options during our horse sessions. Contact Up and Out if you would like to give it a try!

Up and Out is supported by donations. All kids are welcome to join. Please consider giving a donation to help our club. 

Is Vaulting Safe? YES!

Vaulting is one of the safest sports with horses. An instructor controls the horse throughout each lesson, while another instructor assists and spots the vaulter. Horses are fitted with non-slip pads and surcingles with large handles. Vaulting is done in a controlled environment where "safety first" is the motto for each vaulter.

​For more about Safety and Vaulting see: https://www.americanvaulting.org/safety/

What is Vaulting?

The art of dance and gymnastics on a moving horse! 

In addition to being a fun sport, vaulting promotes and builds: Balance, Responsibility, Team work, Safety, Confidence and Strength

Who Can Vault?

Vaulting is fun for individuals of many different ages and abilities. Previous horsemanship is not required to try vaulting. 

The Equestrian Vaulting Club at the Up and Out Youth Ranch​


Up and Out Vaulters is a club in the American Vaulting Association. To learn more about vaulting, visit their website: 


What to Expect 

  • ​grooming and tacking the horse
  • warm-ups and stretching
  • acro and conditioning
  • practice on a stationary barrel
  • dance and gymnastics
  • ​and vaulting on a horse!

Up and Out Vaulters

Up and Out Ministries

Vaulting Attire

Unlike other equestrian sports where boots and helmets are necessary, vaulting requires leggings/spandex, a form fitting shirt and either tennis shoes or vaulting shoes.

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